Circles for @LeeGoater

Here’s my circle themed playlist to celebrate the launch of ‘All The Way Round’- an exhibition about circles by everyone’s favourite shape-throwing designer, Lee Goater.

Commissioned by Leeds Libraries and Dep Arts, Lee Goater was asked to create site specific work for The Art Space within Leeds Central Library, to form part of the WordPlay series of exhibitions and events.

In response to the space and a love of geometric shapes, Lee embarked on an graphic adventure. Exploring process, form and geometry in an attempt to un-lock the secrets of the unique and mystical shape.

The exhibition features collaborations with Alison McIntyreDuke StudiosJonny AkersPapercut Bindery and The Print Project and runs from 1 – 30 June at The Art Space, Leeds Central Library. Free entry.

Don’t let your ears get thirsty whilst your eyes are drinking in the art… give this a little listen whilst you visit 🙂


  1. Circle ‘Round The Sun – Matthew E. White
  2. Going In Circles – Issac Hayes
  3. Circle – Fatima
  4. Circles and Triangles – Alison Valentine
  5. Drawing Circles – Yes Sir Boss
  6. Circled Sun – Chromatics
  7. Will It Go Round In Circles – Billy Preston
  8. Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears
  9. Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love – Odyssey
  10. Circle of Life – Hans Zimmer

For more information, visit Leeds Inspired, or follow Lee’s tweets at @LeeGoater #CirclesLX

What shape do you like your music in? Let me know below!

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