A Christmas Spread by @BuffetDisco

Before you yell at us for making Christmas come too early, let us first point out that the shops have been selling Xmas tat since September and the lights are switched on in Leeds. Now we will proceed…

Xmas Buffet

On Saturday 6th December the team from Buffet are putting on a Christmas spread. A proper Christmas spread filled with everything from Hawaiian Christmas guitars to punk rock atheism, because Christmas isn’t always jolly, sometimes it’s shit. We’ll be playing two full albums plus a mix tape, and throwing in a Christmas quiz for good measure.

Never heard of Record Club? It meets every month to play vinyl records at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. A relaxed environment with a decent bar (and pakoras, the pakoras deserve a mention) each event is based around a theme. The resulting playlist can be really inventive, pulled together  via a combination of pre-selected albums (usually three in full) and records people bring with them on the night. (Any proceeds from Record Club will be donated to Keswick Mountain Rescue for our dear friend Lyndon Marquis)

Join us on Saturday 6th December from 8pm-11pm. We guarantee a nice Cliff-free spread! To get you in the mood, here are a few tunes, some jolly, some suicidal:

  1. Gruff Rhys – Slashed Wrists This Christmas From Mr Rhys’ Atheist EP, our spread gets off to a suitably miserable start. It’s not all about Wham, ya know.
  2. Future of the Left – The Real Meaning of Christmas “Liberate your children from presents, Sabrina. We can burn the gift wrap and that will keep them warm.” FotL always manage to be both pointed and practical.
  3. Darlene Love – White Christmas That gorgeous 1960s girl-group sound from Phil Spector, whose Christmas Album will be one of our featured records on the night.
  4. Slow Club – Christmas TV Acoustic melancholia and sharp wit from the Sheffield duo.
  5. Sufjan Stevens – Christmas Woman This man and his merry band have – so far – released 10 albums of Christmas music via two box sets. They are both incredibly diverse and incredibly ace and will also feature at Record Club. Suck it, Cliff.
  6. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Angel of Death Their album, Christmas Island, is our first featured record on 6th December. This song opens with the line “I’m a blank page in a notebook waiting to be filled with countless drawings of cocks…”  – how can you not want to hear more?!
  7. Shonen Knife – Sweet Christmas Lovely shiny poppy guitary Christmassy noise.
  8. The Fall – Xmas With Simon It’s a Christmas song by The Fall. That is all.
  9. Happy Flowers – All I Got Were Clothes for Christmas And they were not happy about it, not at all.
  10. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – New Year’s Kiss We went to see this guy live and he really was as miserable as he sounds. Happy fucking Christmas!

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Record Club: www.recordclub.org.uk

Buffet’s monthly radio show www.bcbradio.co.uk/musicblog/?cat=540

Buffet on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/29714536491/

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