American Road Trip by @roj_suggs

So since I watched fear and loathing when I was…15? I’ve wanted to do a road trip across America, going through the Wild west, Las Vegas and ending up in LA, in a convertible, pretty much the same as fear and loathing!

America by @roj_suggs

Over the many years since watching the film, I’ve contemplated what would happen on the road trip. I would probably start off fresh faced, put the top down and fly along the “freeway” past weirdly shaped cacti. At some point along the journey stop in some nowhere town, maybe pass a hobo singing an old song, pop into a little bar where an old cowboy is playing some sweet ass guitar solos. Drive through the night with the desert stars above as fast as I can into Las Vegas, where crazy crazy times would be had. Then, with some strange memories at hand, make it to LA.

Anyway, maybe listening to my journey you can make some plans for a fear and loathing-esque trip…enjoy!


  1. Steppenwolf – Born to be wild
  2. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad moon rising
  3. Canned Heat – On the road again
  4. Harry McClintock – Big rock candy mountain
  5. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and joy
  6. Eagles of Death Metal – I want you so hard
  7. Fu Manchu – Wasteoid
  8. Dead Kennedys – Viva Las Vegas
  9. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Just dropped in
  10. The Doors – L.A Woman

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