Open auditions for Leeds’ young rappers and singers @NICOLA_Arts

NICOLA (New International Company of Live Arts) is a youth lead charity which promotes positive interaction within and between youth communities through creative opportunities and projects, particularly in areas of high crime and low provision of extracurricular and arts activities.

NICOLA Talent Factory is holding open auditions, one in London and one in Leeds, to recruit five rappers and five singers from each city to qualify for the final competition – the live music event, Show Me What You Got! Showcase, on 22 June  at The Tabernacle venue in London.

Open Auditions Leeds

This is a chance for all budding young rappers and singers to showcase skills and gain exposure to the music industry and A & R talent scouts. There will also be a cash prize given to the most-voted for rapper and singer, as decided by a panel of judges.

For the successful entrants, NICOLA Talent Factory provides great opportunities including the chance to record music, make music videos promoted though live arts projects, collaborate with other artists on music projects both in the UK and abroad, plus access to support and training.

The Leeds open audition takes place at Yorkshire Dance Studios on 28 May from 2pm-6pm for singers and rappers aged 13-25.

To sign up and take part in the audition or for more information please contact, call 0207 386 8865 or visit the website.

Follow @NICOLA_Arts and donate to their fantastic cause here!


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