Beautiful Day by @djhreed67

It was a gorgeous sunny weekend in Leeds and after much time spent singing along to ELO’s Mr Blue Sky, those cheerful folk at Leeds Inspired put a request out on Twitter for a Beautiful Day playlist. Luckily for us, Duncan graciously took up the challenge, and here it is! Enjoy.

Tangalooma Beach, off the coast of Queensland

Tangalooma Beach, off the coast of Queensland

Just over a year into twitter and part of me wonders what a 45 year old is doing writing playlists, but that bit has been quickly and completely wiped out by my love of music, and the chance to come up with a list.

So – to a Beautiful Day. I feel it shouldn’t be just a ‘good’ day but things that sum up a day that is beautiful.

  1. Well all days start with a sunrise so – The Sun Rising – The Beloved
  2. Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine. The start of better days.
  3. Lovely Day – Bill Withers. A great happy, sunny, beautiful day song.
  4. Hometown Glory – Adele. Always reminds me of wandering round both Leeds and London on sunny days, listening with my iPod.
  5. La Femme D’Argent – Air. A hot secluded beach.
  6. Sometimes The Sea – This Is The Kit. A different sort of beach song, but just as beautiful.
  7. Heart Skipped A Beat – The XX. A beautiful day can stop your heart, even if your beautiful friend is missing.
  8. Snowflake – Kate Bush. A beautiful day doesn’t need to be warm.
  9. A Candle’s Fire – Beirut. Happy times with friends, probably some real ale too!
  10. Last Night The Sky – Lamb. A beautiful day takes a darker turn, but getting lost can be the start of a great adventure.

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