Because Of The Video by @LilyBadWisdom

Here’s my playlist! It’s based on a theme of – loved because of the video..



1. Tenacious D – Tribute From the first day we got cable on moving to Leeds in 2002, this is still played. We know all the words to it. We need to get out more.

2. Utah Saints – Something Good So much fun. “Floating on air!!” Always make a dull day brighter.

3. Arctic Monkeys – Leave Before The Lights Come On Arctic Monkeys are brilliant. So is Paddy Considine. Match made in heaven.

4. Bowling For Soup – Girl All The Bad Guys Want A great piss take ha ha

5. Audio Bullys – We Don’t Care That kid is so cool, such a hard nut!

6. OK Go – Here It Goes Again I want to see the outtakes..

7. Bjork – Triumph of a Heart. So beautiful. Doesn’t everyone wish they were married to a cat?! And the bit in the pub where they all make the music..

8. Elbow – One Day Like This. This man needs a better job. In a circus.

9. Fuckshovel – Long Time Dead. Absolutely so funny. Watch where the ketchup goes!

10. LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls I love the abuse they all take.

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