Playing in Leeds January 4 – 10 by @LeedsMusicScene

Kicking off the sound of 2013 in Leeds…….

Ron Pope


  1. Honeycomb Love -Two Tickets To The Gun Show – Friday 4th @ The Library (Headingley)
  2. Ron Pope – A Drop In The Ocean – Saturday 5th @ The Cockpit
  3. The Soul Circle Gang – Dance With Spirits – Sunday 6th @ The Hi-Fi Club
  4. Midwich – Wednesday 9th @ Fox and Newt
  5. Reason 32 – Wednesday 9th @ Empire
  6. HeKz  – Flight Of The Harpies  – Thursday 10th @ Snooty Fox (Wakefield)
  7. Jessie Pie & The Thorn – Friday 4th @ Chemic Tavern

This playlist was created by Ben from Leeds Music Scene  – the primary music resource for new and existing bands and musicians based in the city. Head to the site for gig listings, reviews, band profiles, news, interviews and a forum.

If you’re playing a gig in Leeds soon and want your video to be featured on these playlists – contact Ben via Twitter on @Benn99 with the links.

Follow @leedsmusicscene and visit the website


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