Update: I Want Your Mixtapes!

The time has come to launch a new theme of playlists for the blog – MIXTAPES!

Making the perfect mixtape - High Fidelity

I’m a HUGE fan of mixtapes. I have made billions of them over the years. I even did a presentation about what I think makes a good mixtape at Bettakultcha at The Brudenell Social Club in October (see video below), but I love them so much I wanna hear all the bad ones too.

So here’s my request – dig out your old mixtapes, send me a photo along with tracklistings and let’s recreate them in ways that can’t get chewed up or taped over. I want to know when it was made, what you were doing at the time and the story that goes with it. I have an epic one lined up to post tomorrow!

You can email me at leedsplaylist@gmail.com

I look forward to dancing down memory lane with you!

Wend/ Wandapops x

*leaves the room while you watch this*

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