CultFix 2: OTAKU – A Celebration of Geek Culture by @drneevil

OTAKU – A Japanese term that refers to people with obsessive interests.

I decided that I wanted to put together a playlist that celebrated Geeks and the Culture that’s evolved around it.

I was a bit nervous to begin with. Not sure if I was ‘allowed’ as I barely consider myself to be a geek at all – maybe on the peripherals – so I started to research to make sure that I didn’t leave out anything vital.

Geek and proud by Poison Tao

After deciding that there were at least 8 categories* to start from, across at least 5** distinct genres; I set to work. Some hours later – while debating the inclusion or lack thereof of a particular topic*** – I had an epiphany.

  • It probably doesn’t matter that I’m not a proper Geek – and who decides that anyway?
  • It probably doesn’t matter if I don’t cover every single aspect of a fandom that’s larger than life and then some.
  • There are many others who will have better knowledge about everything than I.

But I’m the one making this playlist! After swotting up for a 10 track playlist for at least half a day – I’ve probably assured my own suitability!

(I have a feeling that I’ll be returning to this theme in the very soon for a second CD. With stuff like Pinball Wizard, Nerd Girl, Roll a D6, Ramble on… I might just do a separate Superman based one.)

*   Categories    – Comics; Games; Tv; Films; Books; Science; Computers; Attitude.

** Sub-Genera’s – Anthems; Mainstream; Metal; Nerdcore Rap & Hip Hop; Gamer.

***Steam punk?

Tracklistings: Geeky Songs – My Personal Favourites!

01 – Bare Naked Ladies – The History of Everything – SCIENCE; EVOLUTION

Brilliant song and regular podcast listeners will know that there is a protocol to singing along!

02 – Beastie Boys – Ch-Check it out – STAR TREK

Coz it rocks.

03 – Mouldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You – GAMER

One of my favourite songs – disovered while watching Juno – one of my favourtie films.

04 – Thomas Dolby – She blinded me with science – SCIENCE

Coz how could you make a list without it?!

05 – Devo – Through being Cool – SF; ANTI-COOL

The perfect antidote.

06 – Marian Call – I’ll Still Be A Geek After Nobody Thinks It’s Chic – GEEK; ANTI-COOL

THIS! I want this song as a blankie for when I’m asked why I like SF again!

07 – Tenacious D – Wonderboy – COMICS; SUPERS

I so rarely get the opportunity to include Tenacious D in playlists – a shame because I do love em!

08 – Random – Grow Up – GEEK


09 – Chemical Brothers & John Williams – Galvanize the Empire – STAR WARS

I couldn’t find this on spotify. Such a good track.

10 – Felicia Day & the Guild – I’m the one that Cool – GAMER

The BEST SONG EVER! And the video is AWESOME!

If you don’t know who Felicia Day is – remedy this immediately by subscribing to Geek and Sundry here!)

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