The Secret Voice Of Leeds by Sarah Oxley

Every town has certain character, which comes out through its architecture, its size, its night life, it events, and the way the people of the city treat one another as well as visitors. This character is often experienced and expressed by visitors through describing the impact, which all these factors combined had on them.  Residents of a city develop an emotional attachment to their city, and this is mainly based on how this city makes them feel.

Leeds Town Hall

So, what if a city’s character could be expressed and felt in another way? Say, through a playlist?

Well, you’re in luck, because this is just what you’re about to experience. If Leeds could tell you, what it’s ultimate playlist is, then I think it would be the following:


1. My Generation- The Who

The Who is a must for a Leeds playlist, as they made their name at Leeds, when they played live at the University of Leeds. This resulted in their first album “Live At Leeds” 1970. I have this album, and thought “My Generation” describes the spirit and enthusiasm of that night and of the city the best.

 2. The Cave – Mumford & Sons

Leeds to me is a city of hope. I came to Leeds looking for a second chance, and the city gave me this chance with open arms. This Mumford & Sons song is all about hope and recreation to me, so every time I hear it, I think of Leeds, and I started here.

3. Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac

Following on the hope theme, this Fleetwood Mac song suits the city, as it’s also about constantly recreating yourself. Leeds is all about that. Just look at Trinity shopping centre. I can’t wait for that to be finished, because it looks like it will be brilliant.

4. Madness- Wings Of A Dove

Another upbeat song, and it reminds me of Leeds Carnival in Chapeltown. There’s just something about this song that always makes me smile, just like the carnival.

5. I Predict A Riot –Kaiser Chiefs

Another must for a Leeds playlist are The Kaiser Chiefs, Leeds lads who made it big with a vibrant song about rebellion, energy, and youth.

6. All My Life- Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters were not only the front liners of this year’s Leeds Festival, but are frequent performers of the festival. I love the beat and emotions of this song. It reminds me of Leeds, because it strives to be better and stronger no matter the odds.

7. Marching On Together- LUFC

While on the subject of against all odds, here’s the next song. “Marching On Together” is the anthem of the Leeds Football Club. Leeds fans are notorious for their loyalty, and the fact that they stand behind their team no matter the adversary.

 8. Fascination- Alphabeat

Does anyone still remember that quirky Danish band, Alphabeat? No, just me then. Well, Alphabeat were the first live band I saw at the Cockpit. It was a great concert, and it was the first of many visit to the Cockpit, too. Good times.

9. The Boys Are Back In Town-Thin Lizzy

This one is a little weird, and a bit of a long shot. I love The Royal Armouries, and back in the day Jousting was one of their main summer events. Watching this reminded me of the Heath Ledger film “A Knight’s Tale”, which featured “The Boys Are Back Of Town”. It’s a memory trigger really. Knights equals song.

10. Gangnam Style- PSY

This last song may seem out of place, but I assure you, it suits Leeds to a tee. Leeds is a town of many faces, embracing many cultures, and throughout it doesn’t take itself too seriously. A cheeky sense of fun best describes Leeds, and Gangnam Style represents this cheekiness.

Are these the songs you would choose for Leeds? What do you think the secret voice of Leeds sounds like?

Create and share your playlists, as I’d love to hear about your Leeds.

This playlist was created by Sarah Oxley on behalf of LS1, your local letting agency for flats in Leeds.


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