A (sort of) Scando Playlist by @BookElfLeeds

The last two years have seen my already burgeoning obsession with all things Nordic grow, from Icelandic Hard Hitting Comedy “The Night Shift” (starring the current mayor of Reykjavik Jon Gnarr), pausing dramatically at the excellence that is Nordic Noir on BBC4 (come for the killings, stay for the Chiselled Scando Hotties) via of course some Excellent Tomes, many of which I have blogged about during Paaskekrim, the Easter Crime festival of Norway which celebrates the genre over the lovely long weekend.

Vikings from Horrible Histories

*Disclaimer* Jess does not presume all Scandinavians are Vikings, this just makes her giggle.

Now, when I say ‘Scando’, I’m Doing It Wrong and including Iceland and Finland- which is a bone of contention amongst Europeans, but frankly Icelandic music is needed more in your life, and how the hell else to explain the presence of Lordi?


1. Choir Of Young Believers – Hollow Talk

A Danish electronica act currently being made massive by the inclusion of this beautiful tune in the opening credits to The Bridge, shown on BBC4.

2. Sigur Ros – Hoppípolla

It’s on every advert ever made ever, but that doesn’t stop it being a lovely piece of music.

3. Anna Ternheim – Quiet Night

I love Anna Ternheim, who is Swedish, so I’ve included her twice on this playlist (naughty). This was used during season 2 of Wallander (the one where he smokes and is ginger, as opposed to the one where he’s blond or the one where he’s Kenneth Bramner)

4. xxx Rottweiler hundar – Sönn íslensk sakamál (not available on Spotify)

Because you want to hear some ridiculously violent sounding Icelandic rap. I have no idea what they’re on about, but I’m pretty sure it’s along the usual ‘F the police’ lines…

5. Múm – Awake On A Train

One of my most favourite pieces of music. I saw Mum live in 2006 and they were leaping about the stage like tiny elves. Gorgeous, and guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days.

6. Frans Bak – Forbrydelsen/ The Killing

Oh Sarah Lund, how I love thee, let me count the ways…

7. Anna Ternheim – No, I Don’t Remember

This was on the Dollhouse soundtrack, and is blissful and sad.

8. Björk – Hyperballad

You can’t have a Scando playlist that includes Iceland and not include Björk, she’s changed the face of music. An incredible talent, I would KILL to see her live. This is one of my favs.

9. Aqua – Doctor Jones

Don’t act all smug, you love this and you know it.

10. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah


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