Duos and Duets: @harkathon’s 3rd Record Club at @leedsmusichub

August’s Leeds Music Hub Record Club was our first member-chosen theme: Duos and Duets. We had tons of different track-picks from a wide spectrum of music and made bounds with our collection of mixtapes available for perusal/loan/admiration at the Hub. All in all, an ace session!

Leeds Music Hub

Here are three playlists from the meeting: one is a collated ‘members’ choices’, and one each from the Sky Larkin music sages Katie (Record Club curator) and Nestor – but come and rifle through the Hub’s mixtape library for loads more!

We also picked our theme for the next meeting, happening on Wednesday 26th at 6.15pm: “Soundtracks”. Come along! If you want to whack some of your soundtrack favourites on a CD-R, we’ll add it to our mixtape library (which now has its very own CD rack in the cafe!). Go  to the facebook event for more info. See you all there!

Members’ choices: YouTube Playlist


  1. Then The Letting Go – Bonnie Prince Billy
  2. Rhythm Section Want Ad – They Might Be Giants
  3. Bonnie And Clyde – Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot
  4. No Allegiance to The Queen – Japandroids
  5. New Resolution – Azure Ray
  6. Life’s a Happy Song – The Muppets
  7. I Got You Babe – Joey Ramone & Holly Beth Vincent
  8. The Look – Roxette
  9. Strobe Session 34 – Liz Hodson & Josiah Wolf
  10. Phoenix – Daft Punk

Katie Harkin’s choices: Mixcloud Playlist

Duos & Duets

  1. Silent Shout – The Knife
  2. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us- Sparks
  3. Golden Ring – George Jones & Tammy Wynette
  4. Little Girl – Death From Above 1979
  5. So Fresh, So Clean – Outkast
  6. Duplexes Of The Dead – The Fiery Furnaces
  7. We Are On Fire – Cocorosie
  8. Who’s That Girl – Eurythmics
  9. Sofa King – Dangerdoom
  10. Goods (All In Your Head)- Mates Of State
  11. Human After All – Daft Punk
  12. I Knew – Lightning Dust
  13. Emmylou – First Aid Kit

Nestor Matthews’ choices: Mixcloud Playlist

Duos & Duets


  1. Tft – By That Fucking Tank
  2. Hit Me – Two Minute Noodles
  3. Dame Ni Suru -Calcius Repton
  4. Dead Womb – Death From Above 1979
  5. Found Art – Big Business
  6. The Con – Tegan & Sara
  7. Needy Girl – Chromeo
  8. Still Light – The Knife
  9. By This River – Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto
  10. Lightning Bolt – Transmissionary
  11. Duality – Slipknot

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There’s some more information on what the Hub is about and what we do on www.theleedsmusichub.co.uk


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