Much Ado About Whedon – WTFBC 01 by @LeedsBookClub

For the three people out there who maybe haven’t picked up on this; I’m a huge fan of the varied works of Joss Whedon. Yup, I go to cons and everything.

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A while ago, a few of us  were chatting on twitter about the shows we love and the huge variety of pop culture references that appear in them. We reflected that a lot of books are mentioned and before you can say ‘Bad Horse, Bad Horse‘ we had somehow set up a book club that will be focused entirely on books mentioned in, about or inspired by Whedon shows and films.

As you may know, a future Joss Whedon project is a film version of Much Ado About Nothing by that underrated and oft ignored English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. Seemed like the perfect choice for our first discussion!

We started a hashtag on twitter #WTFBC  – that totally stands for Whedon The Fabulous Book Club. Obviously. You can find fellow members on twitter by searching for #WTFBC.

Here’s the first WTFBC playlist with reasons for each song choice explained below. If you have a Whedon themed playlist I’d love to hear it – please contact me @LeedsBookClub or emailing me at


01 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Nerf Herder – BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

Because…like…duh! Clearly the most recognizably ‘Whedon’ tune IN THE WORLD EVER. This is (obviously) the theme to the epic TV Series that was – for many people – the first dalliance with the master manipulator of emotions. I’m incapable – even after repeated re-watches – in not doing the mini-head bang as soon as the song kicks in!

02 – Young Blood – The Naked and Famous – CABIN IN THE WOODS

Used in the trailer for this years most surprising hit film (unless you were one of…you know…us!), this is one of those infectious songs. Bit of an ear-worm too. Sorry about that.

03 – Pavlov’s Bell – Aimee Mann – BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

The musical act (other than the Dingoes and Verruca’s band) in the shows run to get a speaking line. And one that references vampires no less. Aimee Mann rocks! It’s in that episode Sleeper – the one…oh…you know already. I love you guys!

04 – How to save a life – The Fray – FRAY

See what I did there? With the name? Coz of the….  Nevermind. I happen to think that this is actually a kind of perfect match of conveniently named band to comic book creation mash up. The song reflects in a lovely way the new reality that Fray is facing – one that other slayers (Faith, Buffy, Kendra) have faced in some form or another – the responsibility of being a hero. And the whole name thing.

05 – A Place Called Home – Kim Richey – ANGEL

The tribute song to Fred in Shells. *Sob* Though I love this song; it just spells G-R-I-E-F to me. Trivia – Kim Richey also provided songs to the Buffy soundtrack over the years.

06 – Hero of Canton – 4 Irish Whiskey – FIREFLY

Couldn’t believe that I found a version of this on Spotify! And such a good one at that!  *The* moment of that episode for me – yes – even better than Simon’s reaction to the statue!

07 – Everywhere I Go – Lissie – DOLLHOUSE

The very last song in the very last episode. How good was this?!?! Everyone I know that loves the show comments on how well this capture just nailed those final poignant shots.

08 – Sigh No More – Mumford and Sons – MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

Another tenuous link name here. Sigh no more is a poem from Much Ado About Nothing the play. So…

09 – Live To Rise – Soundgarden – THE AVENGERS/AVENGERS ASSEMBLE

The theme song to the film that has the least SF/Comic/Superhero friendly people in the world astounded and delighted. It’s very cool. Go watch it.

10 – Dream On – Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison – GLEE

Couldn’t find my (and tElf’s) anthem – Bad Horse from Doctor Horrible – but then remembered that Neil Patrick Harris had guest starred in the very Glee episode that Joss Whedon directed.  Good to end on a high anyway right?

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