London 2012 Olympics by @Wandapops

So… after years of fuss, expense and corporate branding hell, I don’t mind admitting that now it’s here I am totally head over heels (arms stretched gymnast finish) in love with London 2012! It feels like the majority of the country has Olympic Fever right now. Chariots of Fire earworms are like an epidemic and anyone could break into tears at the drop of a hat. It’s so intense!

London 2012 Olympics playlist

Remember before Kate & Wills’ Royal Wedding last year when we found out The Middletons had Yorkshire connections? Perhaps we were supposed to feel part of it in some way because of that tenuous link, but it’s fair to say we were simply spectators for that show, pleasant as it was. I guess it might have felt different in London.

The same could be said of the Olympics (or #Lympics as people like me are calling it on Twitter) in a way, being London-centric and all, however because TEAM GB is made up of athletes from all over the country, there are people representing not only our country, but Yorkshire and Leeds! Real life people like us! Younger, fitter, better versions of us granted… but the best thing is, they are AMAZING! I’m sure you’ve all seen the tables showing that if Yorkshire was a country, we’d be doing better than Japan, Russia, South Africa, Australia etc for medals. Turns out that’s pretty inspirational hey?

“What have you done today to make you feel prooooooouud?” Well, I’ve been inspired to go for a run and make a playlist, which fair enough, I do anyway, but these are special #Lympics ones y’ know!

I’d love to be in charge of the mood enhancing music in the stadiums – but as I’m not, I’ll just post my ten songs here.

*gets on podium, waves to home crowd*


  1. Crystal Fighters – I Love London
  2. Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)
  3. Patti LaBelle – I’ll Never, Never Give Up
  4. Bee Gees – You Win Again
  5. Aswad – Shine
  6. The Chemical Brothers – The Golden Path
  7. Jesus Jones – International Bright Young Thing
  8. Dreadzone – Little Britain
  9. Erlend Oye – The Athlete
  10. The Farm – All Together Now

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