Leeds Pride 2012 by @MartinLoves for @LeedsPride

I’ve built a Leeds Pride playlist. It’s a difficult one to put together really – how do you sum a day which is all about diversity and individuality in ten songs without missing things out? I also think some people get very het up over Pride, and what it means – if it’s lost its value and its meaning, if it’s too commercial etc. So in this mix I’ve tried to put together songs that celebrate the heart of what Pride is all about – being yourself. I genuinely think it’s that simple. Below is a quick run down of why I put things in…

Leeds Pride

YouTube Playlist


  1. Lady Gaga – Born This Way. The ultimate modern gay anthem
  2. Cyndi Lauper – True Colours. A glorious song about accepting others.
  3. Girls Aloud – The Promise. To celebrate the highlight of all Leeds Pride events – the stomping drag act that is Bears Aloud
  4. Beyonce – Single Ladies. Because Pride can be full of divas, and it’s ok to let your inner diva out, even if it is but once a yeah.  Put yo’ hand in his face and say ‘If you liked if you should have put a ring on it!’
  5. RuPaul – CoverGirl. THE best drag song ever released. You can’t have Pride without seeing some fantastic (and some awful) drag queens.
  6. Bloc Party – Modern Love. Beautiful song, by a beautiful gay man. Something a bit different to recognise we’re not all fuelled by glitter.
  7. Christina Agulieria – Can’t Hold Us Down. Because society can’t hold us down ‘Hold my earrings, I’mma start a riot unless I get equality! That or I’mma dance around a hose pipe in short shorts. We’ll see how it goes.’
  8. En Vogue – Free Your Mind. Stonker. 80s Pride.
  9. Abba – Dancing Queen. Get it? QUEEN. QUEENS DANCING. Etc.
  10. Madonna – Express Yourself. End as I started – the ultimate modern gay anthem. They are practically the same song anyway…

Leeds Pride takes place on Sunday 5th August – full details on www.leedspride.com @leedspride and facebook.com/lgbtleedspride 

Follow @martinloves and read his blog martinloves.co.uk


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