Yorkshire Day Mix by @timineaux

Tim ineaux makes surreal audio visual collages (or mixes if you prefer) from videos streaming live from youtube. Recently he’s been playing about with the dragontape.com website, which cleverly allows folk to make their own video mixtapes from  youtube videos.

Tim has been promising me a Leeds themed playlist for some time. Eventually the confluence of Yorkshire Day and a semi-random meeting in a tent in the Dales proved the spur to action.

“I always had this idea to use the Chapeltown video, as I live just up the road from there in the posh bit and have some good friends down there, but beyond that I was a bit stuck for content. However watching some #yorkshireday videos made me think a bit more laterally about a Yorkshire theme, not just a Leeds theme.

I ended up with a bit of a foodie theme, as I searched youtube for some old Yorkshire TV idents to use, which threw up Yorkshire’s answer to Fanny Craddock. I always like to work in this way and throw some random elements into a mix. That’s the joy of mixing straight from YouTube, the aether is your oyster. This required a cheeky, non Yorkshire segue from Cassetteboy, one of around 2000 YouTube videos I’ve filed away for a special occasion. Bisuithead and the Biscuit Badgers are a surreal Leeds band I’ve thankfully never bumped into in real life, but I love their blend of bizarre influences and themes. Then its back to a delightful ditty about living in Leeds. Not shouty big it up stuff (of which there is plenty on the tubes) just a reflective piece of whimsy. Throw in some John Shuttleworth, Sir Jim’ll, along with some rising Puds and That’s What I Call A Yorkshire Party (Volume 1).

PS Dragontape.com has its limitations… transitions are limited to a 10s audio fade and there are some weird audio pops in the mix due to bugs in the system. If you want the full live (and often interactive) ineaux experience, get yourself down to one of my gigs… I’m playing the Into the Woods tent at Beacons festival, and will be organising some events at Melbourne Street Studios just as soon as I pull my finger out.”



1. Mozart’s 4th featuring old Leeds (00:03:44)
2. chapeltown leeds (00:02:54)
3. Farmhouse Kitchen – Yorkshire TV 80’s (00:01:21)
4. The Seaweed Under the Sofa – HD (00:02:38)
5. Yorkshire Tea feat John Shuttleworth (00:00:41)
6. YTV closedown | Friday 10 August 1984 (00:02:07)
7. Jimmy Savile: I invented the disco (00:02:25)
8. Yorkshire Day 2011 (00:02:20)
9. Cassetteboy vs. The Hairy Bikers (00:01:47)
10. Yorkshire Puddings Time Lapse HD (00:00:33)
11. 346 Meanwood road (00:02:09)

Follow @timineaux listen to some sample mixes and read his blog: www.rehashleeds.wordpress.com


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