The Kids Want Techno by @m00dy0 of @TheMashKids

We started out with the aim of putting on a special night to bring together a load of old school friends and people with a shared clubbing history. This culminated in a sold out old-skool party with Shades Of Rhythm, DJ Vertigo and Mark Holliday 6 months down the line. The success of this night made us realise what could be acheived with a bit of dedication, knowledge and a keen attention to detail – bordering on control freakery, and out of this The Mash Street Kids were born. The many years spent in and around Leeds’ clubs was a great education.

M00dyO fights the corner of the old breed of electronic DJ who still feels more at home using vinyl and turntables. Although he still collects and plays vinyl out, he has also grown up in the digital age, using modern software in creating a deep atmosphere through the music he plays. A driving moody beat is where its at for him.

With a love of electronic music spanning nu disco through to minimal techno, there is no real restriction on what type of parties The Mash Street Kids will throw, old or new. Our simple aim is to put on some great nights featuring some of the best DJs in their field supported by some very able friends.

A nu disco themed party by The Mash Street Kids will be held at The Garage club in October. Check the facebook and twitter pages for more information nearer the time. We hope to see you there.


  1. Clockwork & Avatism – One Trick Pony
  2. Faster – Intors (Livio & Roby Remix One)
  3. Helmut Dubnitzky – Respect & Glory (Nick Curly Remix)
  4. Julien Piacentino – Carlito (Ronan Portela Remix)
  5. Re Up – Freedom Seed
  6. Yvan Genkins – I Funk You (Guido Nemola Remix)
  7. Christian Burkhardt – Delight
  8. D-Formation & Tini Garcia – El Peruano (Dj PP Remix)
  9. Sante – Mothership
  10. tINI – My Shine (Carl Craig Remix)
  11. Leix & Hitch – Mr Slade
  12. Christian Smith – House This House

Follow @M00dy0 and @TheMashKids, like the Facebook page and visit the website: 


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