CultFix – a Culturally Fixated Playlist by @drneevil

So, aside from the book clubbing, I also co-host a podcast with the awesome @SteveCult called Culturally Fixated. For about an hour, we chat about the tv and films we’ve been watching, the albums and comedians that have caught our eye and anything else that we fancy! It’s a little bit of everything, dashed with just a sprinkle of bonkers.

culturally fixated
So these are some of the theme songs from a very small selection that we watch. Tis very me a ‘me’ playlist (though I did refrain from including every single Whedon theme. It’s not like I’m obsessed or anything.) so will have to twist Steve’s arm and have him make one up soon! Visit our little blog here – Culturally Fixated 


01 – Bad Things – Jace Everett – TRUE BLOOD
Just a fun song to open with. I’m used it for a few years as the ringtone for himself!

02 – I know You know – The Friendly Indians – PSYCH
Couldn’t find the exact version but there was no way I could possibly NOT include our theme shows theme song!
One of the coolest things about Psych is how flexible the whole show is – from the actors and scripts right down to the sets and music. Like Weeds, this theme has been amended and changed many times to reflect the mood of that weeks episode.

03 – The Big Bang Theory – Bare Naked Ladies – BBT
Every time we mention this show, we talk about our sing-along rituals – the song is just that catchy dammit!

04 – This Life – Curtis Stiger – SONS OF ANARCHY
Slowing down slightly, I’m including the theme of one of the most musically rewarding shows airing today. I’ve already blogged about how AWESOME the LP’s for each of the first three seasons are, so suffice to say – I haven’t moved on.

05 – Superman – Lazlo Bane – SCRUBS
Who doesn’t love this song? People who didn’t like Scrubs – that’s who. This song perfectly captures the spirit of the show it helmed.

06 – Woke up this morning – Alabama 3 – SOPRANOS
Probably the song that made me an OCD collector of soundtracks. This was easily the coolest theme song on tv for YEARS.

07 – DEADWOOD THEME – James Parks
For it is cool and wonderful and awesome. What more do you need?

08 – ANGEL THEME – Darling Violetta
OK, so I had to include one Whedon theme. Was actually hoping to use the Ballad of Serenity but couldn’t find it on Spotify. Was pretty happy in the end as this song put me in mind of the next, which is a track I just adore.
Besides – this song is fantastic – I couldn’t find the full version but the moment you hear the opening haunting strains – you are put in the perfect mood for the Vampire with a soul. And puffy hair.

09 – Nara – E.S. Postumus – COLD CASE
This is one of those songs that still appears on new releases despite being several years old. Why? Coz it’s terrific – a mix of classical and rock and dance and everything in between.

10 – X-MEN THEME – cartoon
There. Are. No. Words.
I LOVE that the films have picked up and continued using this theme from the cartoon series in the 90’s. Proper sense of Life/Marvel continuity.

Follow @drneevil and visit the Culturally Fixated blog where you can get the podcasts!


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