Beeston Festival by @BeestonJeremy

You can see all of these fine musicians at the 2012 Beeston Festival which takes place in Cross Flatts Park on Saturday 9th June between 12noon and 5pm. The acts are spread across three stages: the Acoustic, the Leeds Music Trust and the Main Stage. Full details are available at

Beeston Festival

Did I mention it’s FREE? Plus there are 80 stalls in the Bazaar, children’s activities, sports, food and a fun fair!

YouTube playlist


1. Cakes – Protectors
2. All I Ask – Solaris
3. Mercy – Hayden Cohen
4. Take The Boat In Style – Dave Pilla
5. Tedious – British Daylight
6. Nikriz – Hassan Erraji
7. Beautiful Girl – Jayke Cox
8. Don’t Run – Nigel Massey
9. Karolina – The Scandal
10. Sleep Sound – Hope & Social

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