Update: Ch-ch-ch-Changes to Leeds Playlist

It’s been four whole months since I set up Leeds Playlist. Nearly 150 posts later, 1500 music tracks and 15,000 visits – I’m ready to make some changes!

Things I’ve learnt in these past four months:

  • I can blog daily – but this doesn’t mean that I should.
  • I can blog under the influence of alcohol – but this doesn’t mean that I should.
  • I would like to write more about the people making playlists.
  • I would like to spend more time listening to these playlists before the next one comes along.
  • Rules are made to be broken – especially when you’ve set them yourself.

There is a wonderful blogging/Twitter community in Leeds who have been very generous to me. Thankyou to everyone who has made a playlist, wrote about the blog, re-tweeted links, left comments and generally been supportive. You make my heart sing.

So, in the future, each playlist will be submitted into categories sounding something like these:

  • 10 songs about me – I will set 10 questions and the person being profiled will answer with 10 songs
  • I made you a mixtape – Songs for someone or somewhere close to your heart, an object of your affection –  dedicated in a mixtape stylee
  • Earworms – A single tune you’ve been listening to, plus where and when you heard it
  • Events – A playlist about an event coming up in Leeds as a taster for the music you’ll hear there
  • Requests – Request a playlist to be made for you for a certain purpose or occasion
  • Random – Your own freestyle themes

I wouldn’t set any more monthly themes and I’d be posting less frequently, but it will hopefully be more ‘structured’.

What do you think? Feedback gratefully received!

Wend aka @Wandapops


2 thoughts on “Update: Ch-ch-ch-Changes to Leeds Playlist

  1. I like the new ideas – I can’t keep up and listen to daily playlists and I love the idea of the 10 song interview.

    This blog is fabulous and so any changes that mean it still keeps going are good with me!
    Em x

  2. I love all your hard work and dedication to the blog and playlists. You are doing a fab job GF!
    Can I please request some good, honest, uplifting songs that boost mind and body.
    The only way is onwards and upwards. Let’s keep this positive vibe going.

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