Diamond Jubilee by @Wandapops

Love it or hate it, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are happening this weekend. To celebrate or compensate – I’ve made this playlist.

If you want to hear the tenuous links in it, you can. Embrace them! If you want to just listen to it as ten superb songs, without bunting even crossing your mind, it’s perfectly possible to do that too. Now, on with the long weekend! *Downs gin for England, runs off to find Prince Harry*


  1. Patti Smith – Jubilee
  2. Sleigh Bells – Crown On The Ground
  3. Cold War Kids – Royal Blue
  4. The Clash – This Is England
  5. State Of The Union – Union Jack
  6. Imperial Leisure – Great British Summertime
  7. Metronomy – Holiday
  8. Gossip – Dimestore Diamond
  9. The Gaslight Anthem – The Queen of Lower Chelsea
  10. Shakespears Sister – You’re History

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