A Rock’n’roll Atlas Part 1: Countries by @BeestonJeremy

I got thinking about Countries in song titles one night whilst I was digitising the M section of my vinyl collection. This produced John Mayall’s version of Congo Square (I prefer the Neville Brothers on YouTube) and Joni Mitchell’s In France They Kiss On Main Street – the single that turned me on to Joni.

I’ve been strict with myself – only names of existing nation states – even if the title doesn’t actually refer to the country as in the first two selections. So no “She Never Spoke Spanish To Me” or “Haitian Divorce” and no “Kashmir”. OK, I twisted the rule to include Dissidenten, but Kirsty MacColl comes up with two counties for the price of one, so there are still ten!

YouTube Playlist


1. Congo Square – The Neville Brothers
2. Angola Bound – Bo Dollis
3. Morock’n Roll – Dissidenten
4. Memphis Egypt – The Mekons
5. Joke About Jamaica – The Hold Steady
6. In France They Kiss on Main Street – Joni Mitchell
7. I Blew Up The United States – Was (Not Was)
8. Haiti – Arcade Fire
9. England 2 Columbia 0 – Kirsty MacColl
10. Russia – Eliza Carthy

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