Queued up – Places

The next set theme challenge is PLACES!

Let’s travel round the world through the medium of music! Shall we give our ears a little holiday? YES!

Songs that take you away to another place. Songs that remind you of places that mean something to you. Places you’ve been, places you want to go to. Places you dream of, and places you can never ever go back to. Places whose music moves you, makes you smile or is just so utterly bonkers it may as well have come from another planet! Perhaps even songs that mention places, or bands from places that make you want to visit them. Interpret the theme however you wish!

Tell me a story in 10 songs.

Wend @Wandapops


  • Please send me your playlists as soon as they are ready – I will post them throughout June
  • If your PLACES playlists also relate to things in Leeds– WOOP – just let me know.
  • For details on how get your playlist featured on the website, visit the how it works page

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