Doubles by @YorkshireLawMan

Digging some songs out for my last Leeds Playlist, I listed my tracks on iTunes by song title for the first time. I spotted a few songs with the same title but by different artists, and more than I expected weren’t covers.

So here are a selection of doubles for you. Two Playlists but only one track listing. Hope you enjoy them. If you do then I think I can scrape together a treble!

Mine’s a Double Whisky


  1. Play Dead – Bjork / James
  2. Ghosts – Siobhan Donaghy / The Jam
  3. You & Me – The Delays / The Cranberries
  4. Dumb – Garbage / Nirvana
  5. Mathematics – Little Boots / Cherry Ghost
  6. In Your Room – The Bangles / Depeche Mode
  7. Out of Time – Manic Street Preachers / Blur
  8. Crazy World – Ladyhawke / Richard Ashcroft
  9. White Flag – Gorillaz / Dido
  10. Lucky – Radiohead / Britney Spears

Mine’s a Double Vodka

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