Mash Ups by @Zharrt

The drinks are flowing, the music is loud – what’s better than listening to ten songs on a theme? How about listening to twenty one in a maddening mega musical mash-up!

In 1956, Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman released the first “break-in” song called “The Flying Saucer” and the mash up was born. I’ve scoured the next 56 years to bring you the finest of the genre. I first found out about mash ups from Party Ben, a San Francisco DJ (I could do a list of 10 just from this guy). From there it’s been a crusade to find the best beat blended bastard songs – and I have brought them to you. Enjoy!

YouTube playlist


  1. Live Your Life Punk (Vampire Weekend v TI & Rhianna) by Party Ben
  2. We Will Jump You (House Of Pain v Queen v AC/DC) by Party Ben
  3. Every Car You Chase (Snow Patrol v The Police) By Party Ben
  4.  Funky Goes To Hollywood (Frankie Goes to Hollywood v Wild Cherry) by Earworm
  5.  If I Were A Free Falling Boy (Tom Petty v Beyonce) by Earworm
  6. 5th Gold Digger (Beethoven v Kanye West) by A PLUS D
  7.  Dec 4th Oh What A Night (Jay-Z v Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons) by DJ Topcat
  8.  Blue Rascal (New Order v Dizzie Rascal) by UNKNOWN
  9.  Sgt Pepper’s Paradise City (The Beatles v Gun’s N Roses) by Jimmi Jammes
  10. How You Take On Me (Nickleback v Ah-Ha) by John Faulkner
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