It Was Like This by @davethesuede

My playlist is a journey from my childhood, through teenage years, to early 20’s.


1. Darts – Daddy Cool /The Girl Can’t Help It – the first band I remember/will admit to liking. I loved Darts. They were fun. Den was scary…

2. Madness – One Step Beyond – I went to secondary school in 1978, and 2-Tone hit me in 1979. The music, and image was great. Doc Martens, braces, Fred Perry and cheap Harringtons…Only Baracuta G9 slimfits will do these days.

3. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Geno – Not 2-Tone, but lumped in with them at the time, I loved Dexy’s. My favourite Christmas present in 1980 was a woolly hat.

4. Willie Francis – Motherless Children – On the back of 2-Tone I got into original late 60’s/early 70’s reggae and this is one of the first reggae singles I bought. Found it in a second-hand shop in Burnley early 1980’s, on the Bullet label, distributed by Pama.

5. The Style Council – Speak Like A Child – I was a Rude Boy, NOT a Mod, and as such couldn’t be seen to like The Jam. However, by the time Weller formed TSC such walls had tumbled down. I loved The Style Council, dressed like Weller and finally embraced Mod.

6. Small Faces – Sorry She’s Mine – aged 17, I was going out with a girl from Scunthorpe. We met up in Leeds on my 18th birthday, and she finished with me. But not until she gave me a Small Faces LP for my birthday present. Small Faces were the best group ever.

7. Willie Hutch – Love Runs Out – In the mid-80’s I used to go to a club in Manchester every Saturday called Cloud 9. When I got home I’d listen to Richard Searling on Red Rose Radio. Between them, I realised my ‘mod’ days were over, and it was Northern Soul for me. Still Keeping The Faith 25 years or more later.

8. Sisters of Mercy – Alice – I went off to University mid-80’s and became a DJ. Alice was massive at my Indie Discos late-80’s.

9. Georgie Fame – Somebody Stole My Thunder – a favourite at Move On Up in Leeds in the 90’s

10. Wedding Present – Dare – finishing with Leeds’ finest. I love The Weddoes, have seen them several times, and can play along to their early stuff on guitar. At one time I used to bump into David Gedge so often I think he must have thought I was stalking him.

Follow @davethesuede and listen and download his music podcasts here featuring Northern Soul, Motown, Reggae, Ska and RockSteady.

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