Guilty Pleasures by @ShandyCakes

Here are my top ten ‘Guilty Pleasures’ tunes best enjoyed with the volume and the windows up!!!

A good 2/3rds of  my ipod is an embarassment of sorts (as @Wandapops has heard for herself) Which is why my playlist is a guilty pleasure- for me at least! They are in no particular order of preference.


Listen on Spotify or as a YouTube playlistTracklistings:

  1. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero – this tune never gets a skip on my ipod- heard it more times that I have had cheese melted on a crumpet (quite a few then) and I still love it- it epitomises what every girl wants… OK this girl at least
  2. Paul Young – Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) – I rediscovered this song on Power Ballads on VH1. I forgot what a lovely raspy voice PY has- and he was cute back in the day. I think I read that he is a chef now?
  3. Bros – When Will I Be Famous? – sad to admit I love most of the Bros songs- this song reminds me of mooching about in my (VERY early teens) I had a friend who rocked the bottle top shoes! Glad to say I never did.
  4. Leo Sayer – Thunder In My Heart – we have similar hair for a start and I like the words
  5. The Pointer Sisters – Dare Me – This track was brought out again in the noughties in a dance version but I like the original. My fave line is ‘ I hope that mean hungry look means what it’s saying’  – this track  also never gets a skip! In fact it’s best enjoyed at the gym, have to say there are plenty of hungry looks there just the wrong type of hungry!
  6. Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love – well it was this or Parachute (equally cringe) I went for this because my friend and I agreeded it has a dance ‘routine’ and who doesn’t enjoy a good routine?
  7. Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) – for this I have no reasoning or excuse- sorry.
  8. Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing – I bought Whitney’s greatest hits from a bargain bucket in Asda the other day (RIP) skipping along in my car I came across this little gem- love the Bodyguard, which girl didn’t want a ‘Kevin’ (Costner) after seeing that
  9. Willow – Whip My Hair – – There is something quite wrong about the music of a child (who is not your own) when you are a (semi) grown up. And the fact she is Will Smith’s daughter just kinda makes it even worse- I remember when he was young and fit in Fresh Prince and now I am whipping my hair with his kid!!! Say it aint so!
  10. Madonna featuring Nicky Manaj & MIA – Give Me All Your Luvin’ – – My friend said it should be called ‘time to pack it in’ Part of me thinks, just cos you can, doesn’t mean you should…. and the other part thinks, ah what the hell, go for it Madge! It’s poppy, upbeat and a bit of fun. But how the mighty have fallen. the mighty Madge at one time  refused collobarations- justifying her love and her music solely on her own merits- she has since hooked up with younger, fresher talents, inc, Justin Timberlake, Britney and now MIA and N.M. Whatever works for ya honey.

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