The Great Gatsby Playlist 2 by @LeedsBookClub

So, this book – often credited as the epitome of the Great American Novel – was set during the Roaring Twenties – the Jazz Age.

The Great Gatsby jazz image
Though I know nothing at all (not even a tiny little bit!) about Jazz, I decided to try my hand at a ‘score’ using songs from the period. Purists will no doubt be disgusted, but I had great fun!

Not every piece of music included here is strictly speaking Jazz. I’ve tried to include a few of the significant bluegrass influences & also a representative of ‘Scat’ – also immensely popular just before and during the roaring twenties.

The YouTube videos are as close as dammit but for Spotify, I once more had to use substitute artists.

YouTube Playlist


01 – Castle House Rag – James Reese Europe
02 – Gulf Coast Blues /Downhearted Blues – Bessie Smith
03 – The Charleston – James P Johnson
04 – Struttin’ with some barbecue – Louie Armstrong & Lil Hardin Armstrong (look up Lil Hardin – a fascinating woman!!)
05 – The Sheik of Araby – Harry Smith & Francis Wheeler
06 – Ain’t we got fun – Ruth Roye or Arthur West
07 – Livery Stables Blues – Original Dixieland Jazz Band (the first Jazz single ever issued!)
08 – It Had To Be You – Aileen Stanley
09 – Heebie Jeebies – Louie Armstrong
10 – Singin’ the Blues – Bix Beiderbecke

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