The Great Gatsby Playlist 1 by @LeedsBookClub

While I first read this book many moons ago; I didn’t ever love it until last year when we covered it for #ArcadiaLBC (write up here!)

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Have to admit, I’m a little bit in love with Gatsby – despite you know…his actions(!) – so the goal here has been to find music that best reflected him or his mood, as he is observed by Nick throughout the book.

Trying something new here, I’ve picked a song per chapter. Hopefully, if you’re already familiar with the plot, these choices will make a bit of sense! If not…well, they’re still good tunes – and ignore the summaries – they’ll likely confuse further.

The YouTube links are perfect I think, but the Spotify playlist sometimes has alternative artists preforming the song.

YouTube playlist


Overview – Young Americans – David Bowie

Setting the scene – meet the young, wealthy, spoiled & fabulous inhabitants of our book!

Chapter 01 – Ocean Drive – Lighthouse Family

Our first introduction to Gatsby is by the Ocean. Though he seems to have it all, Gatsby has a secret longing.

Chapter 02 – Non, je ne regrette rien – Edith Piaf

Meet the mistress – this chapter focuses on Tom, his wife Daisy and his lady on the side, Myrtle. While it is believed that Tom would leave Daisy is she weren’t Catholic; actually he is very happy with the status quo. He wants Myrtle to remain his secret.

Chapter 03 – The Wanderer – Dion

Show Offs – Nick walks us through Gatsby’s parties. Gatsby threw three parties in the hope that his beloved Daisy would attend just one of them.  Despite his indulgence and extravagance, Gatsby seems removed from the festivities.

Chapter 04 – Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Gatsby tells Nick about his life, though N isn’t sure what parts are true!

Chapter 05 – Secret Smile – Semisonic

Gatsby & Daisy meet at Nick’s house. Gatsby makes it clear that everything he achieved, he did for Daisy; that he only values what she values. So I obviously had to pick a song with creepy stalker overtones!

Chapter 06 – Rumour Has It – Adele

Where Nick tells us Gatsby’s ACTUAL history, separating out the tumours.

Chapter 07 – I Want You To Want Me – Letters to Cleo

Tom v Gatsby v Daisy. Everybody wants Daisy to want them. She of course already does…but she isn’t quite the passive fool either man takes her for. Here, Gatsby demonstrates that his idealised version of Daisy is far off the mark, despite his love. Tom, who cares less, actually does understand her better.

Chapter 08 – And so it goes – Billy Joel

The big dramatic fall out!

Chapter 09 – Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

2 years later, Gatsby’s father is the only one to truly mourn. All the false friends fade back to their plush entitled lives.


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