’10 things I can’t do, or maybe not well’ by @georgianafleur

I have some skills in life (I teach knitting at @yarnia_leeds for instance) but there are some things which properly stump me! This is a list and each song may need an explanation…


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1. Because The Origami – 8in8 (Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash, and Amanda Palmer)

I have tried my hand at origami countless times, I’ve had the lovely @gazpachodragon try but you know what? I suck at origami. And I’m OK with that.

2. The Flowers – Regina Spektor

As much as I love having a garden, can I stop my flowers being eaten/dying of neglect? No. No I cannot.

3. X-Ray – Maccabees

Being a sickly soul, there have been times in my life where I had reached X-Ray allowance (I assume I’d grow and extra limb if the warnings were not heeded?) I also used to make watches stop which was attributed to the X-rays. I’m fine now though, you’re safe

4. Graffiti – Maximo Park

A double whammy – the chorus speaks of graffiti and singing in French… well I can almost do the second one when drunk listening to Edith Piaf

5. Nature Of The Experiment – Tokyo police club

Oh Science. How I love reading about you, how I suck at the practicalities of you! I read the New Scientist feeling intellectual but then Lecturers at work refer to it as ‘Pop Science’…

6. Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums

Another double whammy! Surfing AND Drums – though I would really like to learn both.

7. Alligator Skin – Tilly and the Wall

This one is cheeky because the clue is in the percussion! It’s only a blooming tap dancer instead of a drummer. What a class act. I used to tap, I’m not great but I’m enthusiastic and I am back at lessons at the moment. So this is a ‘maybe not well’ part!

8. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – Ian Dury and the Blockheads but the album is ‘Do It Yourself’

The closest my husband and I have come to a proper argument was wallpapering together. It was such a strain that we sat in different rooms for the rest of the day and 5 years later, the alcoves are bare but we still like each other.

9. Don’t Hate Me – The Get Up Kids – but the album is ‘Four Minute Mile’

One of my most favourite songs ever! However, I can’t run. I like sitting too much.

10. New Coat of Paint – Tom Waits

Painting, in fact all art, has me stumped. My art teacher in high school loved me as a person but took me aside to ensure I wouldn’t be pursuing art as a subject/career.

Incidentally, I can’t swim or eat crumpets but I couldn’t think of songs about these things.

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2 thoughts on “’10 things I can’t do, or maybe not well’ by @georgianafleur

  1. WHAT IS IT ABOUT WALLPAPER. I got in a huge wallpapering row with my sweet, kindhearted grandad, who has, as far as I know, never yelled at or even said a swear word in front of a woman in his entire life. He threw the brush down and said “durn it” under his breath and went for a drive while I cried for an hour.

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