For the Love of….. by @mrhackenbush

“Steve Hackenbush.. Purveyor of Lowbrow .. Est: 1977”

A bit about Mr Hackenbush… a local illustrator, photographer and event organiser, Mr Hackenbush can usually be found drinking tea, dressing up and running steampunk markets. Here’s a playlist of his loves…

YouTube playlist

1. The Toys “Lover’s Concerto”  My favourite song of all time.
2. The Paper Dolls “Something Here in My Heart (Keeps A-Tellin’ Me No)”  I love 60’s Girl groups, the more obscure the better.
3. The Shangri-las “Leader of the Pack” The first girl group I remember hearing and my love of motorcycles is also featured.
4. Reparata and the Delrons “Captain of your Ship”  60’s girl groups and 60s eyes.
5. Roxy Music “Do The Strand” My love of good suits and outrageous fashions.
6. David Bowie “Starman”  My love for the Line. ” I had to phone someone, So I picked on you”
7. Mohammed Rafi “Jaan Pehechan Ho”  My Love of the Ghost World Movie and Thora Birch and mad dancing.
8. Patience and Prudence “A Smile and a Ribbon” My love of obscure records and Ghost World.
9. Dana  – “All Kinds of everything” My first Crush was Dana.. And I ‘m not afraid to admit it..
10. Focus “Hocus Pocus”  I have a very very strong love of Prog Music and this is one of the most popular.
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