‘May the 4th be with you’ Star Wars by @PhilWallArt

Leeds is set to celebrate May the 4th – Star Wars Day with a special event at FullCircle Design Emporium. There will be a huge display of vintage Star Wars toys alongside artwork supplied by over 30 amazing artists (including Phil Wall!).

The ticketed launch event (£10)  is on 4th May featuring live music from the Cantina Band, food from the Wookie Cookbook and of course a screening of Star Wars. The exhibition will stay open from 10am- 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, followed by film screenings at 6pm. Entry fee is £2-£3, film screening tickets are £4-£5. Follow @StarWarsLeeds and visit The Hang Gang website for more updates.

Over to Phil for the playlist!

“So, I’m a massive Star Wars fan and it is a great honour to compile this mix. I think there’s something for everyone here.” 

YouTube playlist

1. Star Wars Main Theme – John WilliamsHow else could you start this playlist? That music and the scrolling text, this is how it’s meant to be!
2. Cantina Band – John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra

This little tune always makes me smile. I want to go to the Cantina and hangout with Han Solo and Chewie.

3. Chewbacca – Supernova

From the Clerks soundtrack, a tribute to everyone’s favourite Wookie! This is a fun party tune.

4. Fett’s Vette – MC Chris

A nerdcore tribute to everyone’s favourite intergalactic bounty hunter. There wasn’t enough Boba Fett in Star Wars.

5. Shredisode IV  – Anchorhead

A bit of metal, Star Wars style. The vocals are quite amusing.

6. Lapti Nek – The Max Rebo Band

True fans of the series will remember the original tune played in Jabba’s palace before Lucas destroyed it with that horrible CGI scene :C 

7. Scotch Vader -DJ Scotch Egg

For anyone who hasn’t heard of him; DJ Scotch Egg is a Japanese chiptune artist that plays music on a customised gameboy! This might fry your brain my Padawan. 

8.  She’s In to Star Wars – King

I’m not that into this to be honest. I’m kinda running out of Star Wars themed songs…

9. The Empire Strikes Back – Demigodz

Rapping over the ‘Imperial march’, now that’s kinda cool. And I dig the wookie sound effect.

10.  Yub Nub (Ewok Celebration) – John Williams

THIS is the original ending to Jedi, the little Ewoks tune fills me with nostalgia. Why George? Why did you change it!?  


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