Joy by @Wandapops

YOU bring me joy you know! You really do! As well as these songs……….enJOY!

YouTube playlist


1. Inner City – Good Life

Chosen for these lyrics “Once you get the good life feeling, let me tell you no one can take it away” and these ones “No more bad times, only glad times in the good life”. I first went to see Gilles Peterson DJ at The Elbow Room while I was in my last year at uni. It was such an awesome night, we danced solidly for hours. He put this track on and my friend’s boyfriend turned to us and said “My tune-o-meter just burst” 🙂

2. Incognito – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Stevie Wonder original but this particular version has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of being on my favourite family holiday in Greece in 1995. My sister had disappeared off to explore the mountains earlier that day and hadn’t returned some 8 hours later so my Mum was freaking out. As a teen, I was being very unhelpful, just trying to get the hotel radio to play something other than Greek folk music. After much messing about with the tuner this song came on and in a bid to lift the mood I danced my Mum around the room singing to her and trying to make her laugh. A minute later my sis came through the door – totally fine and oblivious to any worry she’d caused. She’d got a lift back on a motorbike with a lovely Greek man called Marios, who occasionally still rings my Mum to say hi, even though he speaks very little English. This flusters her 😉

3. Degrees in Motion – Shine On

This is just a joyous, bouncy song. It featured in the film Human Traffic when they’re on a post clubbing high, singing their hearts out in the car. I also like it for the rap section which was popular in music at the time, and still is with me!

4. S-Express – Hey Music Lover

When this song was released in 1989 I was REALLY into disco dancing. I took every opportunity to practice, and despite never really getting any better, it filled me with joy. I taped this song ‘off the charts’ and wore out the tape as much as my bedroom carpet with my ‘freestyle’ moves. I remember my lovely Grandma being very encouraging and letting me show her my routines in her kitchen. Cooking a roast while someone split leaps around you probably wasn’t easy, let alone safe, but when she asked me how many times I could run through it before the potatoes were done – I rose to the challenge, and did it ten times.  I was pretty quiet for the rest of the evening, which looking back now, was probably her aim…

5. Tim Deluxe – It Just Won’t Do

After graduating I lived in Brighton for a year and a summer. I moved there mainly because I wanted to live by the sea so it was great timing that my first week coincided with the 2nd Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Boutique. This is the event that attracted 250,000 people on a boiling hot day in July 2002 and turned the city into gridlocked chaos. Friends from Leeds came down and somehow despite the crowds we managed to find our Brighton friends too. Yes it was crazily busy. It wasn’t all safe (my new housemate was dancing in the sea up to his waist at one point) and there was a lot of mess afterwards. But it was an AMAZING day – one of the biggest free events the country has ever seen, and the party atmosphere was unbeatable. The last song of the night was Pure Shores by All Saints which left everyone with a fuzzy feeling inside. But I chose this song for the fact that it got a quarter of a million people jumping around like loons to it, despite barely being able to stay upright on the littered pebbled ‘dancefloor’. (Live version from the Beach on the YouTube playlist)

6. Heavy D & The Boyz – Now That We’ve Found Love

This ace song reminds me of being on Broadstairs beach in Kent in the early 90s where me and my bestie Janna stayed every summer when we were growing up. This was playing in the beach café and the boy working there was totally lost in his love for the tune – really singing along without realising he had an audience. We giggled as kids do and nicknamed him Heavy D, despite him being a shy, small, thin, blonde guy. When the real Heavy D died last year (RIP) it reminded us of this lad, and how funny it is that we remember people for the tiniest details, without them even knowing. I hope someone somewhere is remembering me for something ridiculous I did years ago, with an ill-fitting nickname to match. “Keep it smoooooooth”

7. Warren G and Nate Dogg – Regulate

This song makes me think of hanging out on sunny days, laughing with my friends. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this track- and I don’t think I want to either! It’s a classic hip hop tune that always brings a smile to my face and takes me back to the carefree summer of ‘94.

8. Groove Armada – Superstylin’

I finished uni in the summer of 2002 and my friends and I celebrated the end of exams and life as we knew it by going to Glastonbury festival.  It was an amazing experience and one I’d recommend everyone try if you get the chance. We made the classic mistake of arriving early on Thursday, getting overexcited and getting trashed before the music had even begun. Well, some people were dancing around chip vans, but this wasn’t on the line-up as far as I knew. So for the whole weekend we battled through a hangover and little sleep by drinking even more and sleeping even less. It worked brilliantly and I had a fab time. This was until about 5pm on Sunday when it began to rain, and I took this as a sign that the good times were over. Me and my friends were snapping at each other. My tent had a puddle in it. I considered starting to walk home, despite living hundreds of miles away. A (very) random woman came over to where I was curled up on the floor and gave me a hug and her cup of tea. She was obviously experienced in cases of festival fatigue. She looked at me in my pathetic state and said firmly, “Don’t you want to tell people that you had a good time here?” Of course I did. “Well get up, get over yourself and get on with it then!” Amazing advice.  I took it, along with the tea and went to find my pals. Groove Armada were on The Other Stage and Superstylin’ came on – very much helping me to get over myself and back into the moment. Lesson learnt: there’s nothing a hug, a wise word and a cup of tea can’t fix. At least, I think it was tea….

9. Jackie Wilson/ Bruce Springsteen – (Your love keeps lifting me) Higher & Higher

This uplifting song reminds me of the Hope & Social Garden Party in July last year. As anyone who has ever been to a Hope & Social gig will tell you, it’s more than just a gig, it’s an experience. You get involved, making art, music, memories. I can’t recommend them enough, you have to go and see for yourselves. There was a silent disco at the garden party. I say it was silent, but actually it was full of the sound of people singing and giggling a lot – especially me and our Kelly (that’s Pinkyvonne not R Kelly). I actually met JaneyDodge here, which is a highlight in everyone’s life, and we even got taught a dance routine! At the end of the set which was Rich v Ed, Ed took all of us present at the disco on a dancing lap of honour through the crowd watching bands in the area nearby, much to their bemusement. We were all wearing headphones so no one else could hear what we were listening to, but it was this song (the Bruce Springsteen cover to be true to the tale – on the YouTube version ). Fantastic memories!

10. Les Fleur – 4hero & Carina Andersson

All I can say about this song is that when you’ve come home from a big night listening to electronic music, there comes a point where your ears need a change of scenery. This is what mine request every time. Best end to any night, ever.

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5 thoughts on “Joy by @Wandapops

  1. Amazing! I am going to make it my mission to find you an ill-fitting nickname for you and to find a disco dancing class, and to have a chinwag with Marios, and most importantly of all I shall be procuring myself a dine tune-o-meter to burst!

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