Foxes and Convicts by @SeanMurricane

I’m Sean Murricane, and amongst other things I do lots of musical things under the banner of “Foxes and Convicts”. At it’s heart it’s about the amazing variety of music from all around Leeds being shown off as best we can. There’s plenty of information on it at

I’ve picked 10 tracks, written and performed live by people from in and around Leeds who have played at either the Foxes and Convicts gigs or radio sets.

Here are ten of my favourites, so if you like them, search them out and buy their music! It’s not just supporting independent local acts, it’s also getting yourself some great music to stick in your lugholes!

Listen on SoundCloud


  1. Tom Attah – How long has it been?
  2. Louise Distras – Spiders
  3. Daniel Pearson – Tracks
  4. Chris Selman – Glorious
  5. Charlie Barnes – This Boy Blind
  6. Samuel Foxton Welles – Falls into June
  7. Hannah Trigwell – Give it Up
  8. Secret Sirens – My Favourite Obsession
  9. Jack and Gill’s Daughter – So Mr You
  10. Wool City Folk Club Band – Talking bout frustration blues

Bonus Track: At our live gigs in Milo, we were graced by The Water Tower Bucket Boys from Portland, Oregon. Here’s a vid of them covering a classic of our time!


Follow @SeanMurricane and visit his website


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