Queued up – Growing Up

The next set theme challenge is GROWING UP!

I want playlists about your early memories, first crushes, influences, growing pains, teen angst, and bands that made you hear music in a totally different way. How about your first records, first gigs, songs you taped from the radio, songs you revised for exams to, made up dances to and drove your family and friends nuts by playing repeatedly. Perhaps a comparison to the music you listen to nowadays. Or maybe just tracks you’ve heard recently that make you feel young. Interpret the theme however you wish!

Wend @Wandapops


  • Please send me your playlists as soon as they are ready – I will post them throughout May
  • If your Growing Up playlists also relate to things in Leeds– WOOP – just let me know.
  • If you have a playlist theme of your own you can send this in at any time.
  • For details on how get your playlist featured on the website, visit the how it works page

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