In The Avenues & Alleyways – Part Une by @arcticreviews

Arctic Reviews is an independent Leeds based music reviews site.

Our playlist is called “In The Avenues & Alleyways – Part Une”. Basically it’s just a collection of ace stuff from this year we love that you probably won’t find on MTV. Or you might. But probably not. But take it from our mascot Arctic Archie, it’s choons you’ll love. If you don’t, we throw him the keys to the seal rescue pen.

YouTube playlist


1. Tennis – Origins

2. Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

3. Hawk Eyes – Witch Hunt – Live @ The Brudenell

4. Lapalux – Moments

5. Spector – Chevy Thunder

6. Here We Go Magic – Make Up You Mind

7. The Voyeurist – Chase

8.Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Calibre Remix)

9. Mansions on the moon – Athens

10. Santigold – Disparate Youth

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