Joy by @philwallart

Anyone who has checked out my website will know I doodle quirky and colourful monsters having fun on photos emailed to me from around the world. I like to listen to music when I’m doodling and to get in the mood I often listen to upbeat music. I’ve selected some of my favourite tracks that are guaranteed to have me smiling from ear to ear every time I hear them!

YouTube playlist


1. Kibou No Kakeran – Nana Kitade

Nana Kitade is a J-pop singer from Japan, her music is made of bubblegum rainbows and unicorn tears, probably…anyway, this songs got great hooks and an awesome chorus! Nice and lively to start my playlist.

2. The Lovecats – The Cure

This song was played at my wedding when we were walking out after getting married, so it’s extra special! The Cure are one of my favourite bands, I love their mix of upbeat yet meloncholy.

3. Banana Chips – Shonen Knife

This song always makes me smile! Listen to it and if you don’t crack a smile you’re a grumpy sod! I think they must have put something in the water in Japan…

4. Ralph Wiggum – The Bloodhoundgang

This is a guilty pleasure. I actually think this is a really awesome song! It just makes me happy when I hear it, I’ve listened to this on repeat before :/

5. My Name is Jonas – Weezer

Yeah, ‘everyone’ likes this one and it’s not ‘cool’ to like Weezer anymore, blah blah blah…but it’s a great song! If it’s good, it’s good! And I LOVE Weezer! 😛

6. Peacebone – Animal Collective

Getting a bit weird here. I love how the melody gallops out of all the electronic sounds and noises in the intro and then it gets all catchy.

7. Sticks and Stones – Jónsi

Jónsi is the singer and guitarist for Icelandic band Sigur Rós, I first came across this song watching the animated movie ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ (of all places), and fell in love with it. It’s a really stunning track full of wonder. That voice!

8. The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough – Cyndi Lauper

One of my all time favourite films and one of the best feel good songs ever! I watch The Goonies when I’m feeling down, I watch it when I feel sick, when I’m feeling nostalgic, and at Christmas…I might go watch it now actually.

9. Y-Control – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

My wife and I listened to ‘Fever To Tell’ a lot when we started dating. I’m quite nostalgic (sentimental?) about stuff like that.

10. Wake Up – Arcade Fire

This song would send my little girl to sleep in seconds when she was a baby, now when we play it she sings along to the chorus. A beautiful song about growing up.

A Real Hero – College & Electric Youth

I’ve cheated a little and included a bonus track. Another song I fell in love with after watching a film (Drive). I think this is a nice way to end my list.

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