Leeds – Shout out to the daytrippers by @NorthernWrites

(In a car, somewhere in Leeds, two clubbers are planning their night out. Little do they know what the evening has in store for them).

“Where we going tonight, Wend?”

“Don’t know, Abi. I hear there’s a rave on somewhere in Leeds. Some bloke on twitter says the Leeds Playlist will be dropping clues as to where, later tonight.”

“Nice. Lock the dial in then. Let’s get this party started”

“Yeah, yeah. Safe! This one goes out to all the daytrippers out there. All my brothers and sisters looking for a good time. Remember. Our strength is in our unity. The Streets and Lanes is where you’ll always find us. Weak Become Heroes when we stick together. You are all heroes.

“Quick. Street Lane. We can grab some pizza whilst we’re up there.”

“Nice one. We’re Flying now.”

“Shhh. The next clue’s about to be dropped!”

“Man, some of you are as obvious as Moby the Whale out there. You need to Go, down to that Mean Wood.Tick off the sights as you Mix with the locals.”

Meanwood, where’s that?”

“Near Headingley. Must be in the woods at the back of the park. Now that’s a spot for a party.”

“All you daytrippers out there. Keep on moving, to Bentley, where the Rhythm is Ace tonight. Don’t worry, not much further. Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out good and proper.”

“Bentley. Where the ***** is Bentley?”

“There, on the map. Keep driving towards Headingley.”

“Park it up, y’all. It’s like a Jungle, my Brothers and Sisters. I’ll find you all down in the woodenHouse. You can party all night long. Stick with me. This is going to be the ride of your life. Just find my wooden house”

“Wooden house?”

“He means Woodhouse. Come on. What are you waiting for?”

“Change of plans. Don’t be stalling. This one is going out to Tom, From Middleton. He’s off on a trip. To the Cosmos and back. Best you Take Me With You. Up to the stars, where we will all be free.”

Middleton – there’s nothing round there. This is a diversion to shake off the police. Sit tight. Let’s wait for the next shout out”.

“This is New from the Farnley Crew. As I play this New cut, I Order you to have a Fine Time.”

“Abi. Fire up the magic bus. We’re off to New Farnley.”

“We’ve had a text off Paul from Morley. What is The Art of Noise he asks? Man, it’s a bit late for that kind of thinking. We’re Close To The end of the show. Give us a bit more time. Edit that. Give me a lifetime.”

“Give me a lifetime? Where’s Give me a lifetime?”

“Don’t be silly, Wend. Morley. Paul from Morley.”

“Ah, yes. All right. Don’t drop a stitch. I wasn’t listening.”

“We’ve got a text from Chris. He asks what’s the best way to treat a scar on a sheep. Sheep? Scar? Are you On Drugs? I think this player is just looking for his 15 Minutes of Fame.”


“Abi, look. Up ahead. It’s the police, and lots of ‘em!”

“Evening all, daytrippers. Hearing reports of road issues out there. Our Friend KR has tweeted us from LSONE. Avoid that area at all costs. The Sound of Da Police suggests something is going down.”

“Abi, what shall we do?”

“Let’s get out of here. Quick turn the car round and head to the West End House Pub, Near Kirkstall. The Girls I used to work with in the local Pet Shop should be in. You never know, we might get lucky with a couple of Boys in there tonight.”

“Night daytrippers. Sorry the fun has to end. This is your host, Northern Writes cutting the power on the decks for one last time. Be safe out there, y’all. PEEEAAACCEEEE!!!”

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  1. The Streets (Lane) – Weak Become Heroes
  2. Moby – Go (Mean)Woodtick Mix)
  3. Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out
  4. Jungle Brothers – I’ll (Wood)House You
  5. Tom Middleton presents Cosmos – Take me with you
  6. New (Farnley) Order – Fine Time
  7. The Art of Noise (featuring Paul Morley) – Close to the edit
  8. Sheep(scar) on Drugs – 15 Minutes of Fame
  9. KR(L)S One – Sound of Da Police
  10. West End (House) Girls – Pet Shop Boys (Shep Pettibone Remix)

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