Leeds Bands That Broke Up Too Soon by @bubblegunked

My name is Tim and I help to run the local music blog Bubblegunked. Since 2002 when I moved to Leeds for uni, the city has been blessed with a load of cracking bands. Groups like Kaiser Chiefs, The Sunshine Underground, The Lodger, The Scaramanga Six, and many more. Whilst there’s a long list of bands who have amassed with long careers, there’s those who released just an album (or less) and called it quits and moved on. These bands may not have broken up “too soon”, as each band has their own unique life cycle, but they didn’t spend as much time with us as we would have liked.

Below is a list of bands who I miss quite a lot. Some of these musicians have gone on to bigger and better things. Ex-members of Mother Vulpine have formed the nucleus of Dinosaur Pile-Up and Pulled Apart By Horses, Wu from This Et Al now fronts Stalking Horse, and Whiskas from Forward, Russia! has become quite the renaissance man for our city. Tom from Streetlights now lives in the capital and plays in Tiny Birds and Victoria can be now found performing as Little Boots. Members of Black Wire now play in Lord Auch and Owen Brinley from Grammatics is completing his first solo album

When you have a moment, please take a gander at Bubblegunked (bubblegunked.wordpress.com) where you can find coverage on all these bands and more.

YouTube playlist

(Track 10 is unavailable on YouTube. Please visit: streetlightsleeds.bandcamp.com to listen)


1. Mother Vulpine “Keep Your Wits Sharp (Her Words Are Quick)”
2. Wintermute “Dead or Nor He Was Wearing Sunglasses”
3. Grammatics “D.I.L.E.M.M.A.”
4. This Et Al “Wardens”
5. O Fracas “Factfinding”
6. Shut Your Eyes & You’ll Burst Into Flames “Drop The Decade”
7. Black Wire “Hung Up”
8. Dead Disco “You’re Out”
*9. Forward, Russia! “Twelve”
10. Streetlights “Firefly”
* Yes, we know they released two albums, but we wish they would’ve stayed together forever
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