Made In Yorkshire by @bloodynoradj

Welcome to my eclectic, indulgent and inevitably nostalgic Made in Yorkshire mix.  The use of YouTube for this was essential, partly because I’ve chosen some for the videos as much as the music, but mostly because many of the bands can’t be found on Spotify.

Highlights for me are Chest – possibly the first Leeds band I saw when I moved here in the early 90s (and now I DJ with Jenny and Emma Chest as part of Buffet – indulgence No.1!). There are also a couple of video rarities  – Daisy & Havoc were part of the club scene and Dream FM in the 90s and made their cheeky little video (definitely not suitable for children) at Hall Place Studios with a cast of characters from Leeds. And Frigid Films shot the Overseer video in Hyde Park Picture House amongst other Leeds hotspots (indulgence No.2, cos I edited it). Apologies for the quality of the latter two, which are grabbed from ropey old VHS. My favourite video on here is Being 747’s Amoeba to Zebra which most definitely is for children, as well as grown ups.

And my mix would not be complete without the magnificence that is The Scaramanga Six who are recording their next album with Mr Steve Albini next month. Oh yes. It is Huddersfield that wields the sword of rock, people!


YouTube playlist


  1. Chest – Furious Temper
  2. The Kiki Dee Band – I’ve Got The Music In Me
  3. Lifescreen – Opting Out
  4. Overseer – Signing On
  5. That F*cking Tank – Acid Jam
  6. Being 747’s Amoeba to Zebra – Chapter 5: Shake Your Backbone
  7. Sky Larkin – Fossil, I
  8. The Scaramanga Six – Misadventure
  9. Galitza – You Must Be The Devil
  10.  Daisy & Havoc – Sit On My Bass

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