Doctor Who Series 6 by @monkeyson

March/April is traditionally the time when Doctor Who returns to our screens, but this year we have to wait until the autumn. So let’s pass the time recapping what happened in 2011 with the Doctor Who Series 6 Leeds Playlist.

And, if I can be sneaky – here’s a BONUS track: Craig Ferguson singing about Doctor Who and why it’s so great. You could probably file this one under Joy…

Listen on Spotify

Reheating instructions: Track 8 isn’t on Spotify, so you’ll have to pop over to YouTube to hear it. Please do.

Parental guidance warning: One of the tracks is by quite an artist who I find quite offensive. Paul McCartney.


1. Nothing In The Silence – Belle and Sebastian

“There is nothing in the silence to be frightened of”. Except their big scary faces, their manipulation of human civilisation over the millennia, and the fact that they can blow stuff up just by pointing at it. The first song takes a look at one of the best monsters from the new series and then promptly forgets them.

2. I Took Your Name – REM

“If there is some confusion, Who’s to blame”. This song could be about so many of The Doctor’s adventures, but I’ll use it here to represent “Day Of The Moon” here because it mentions NASA.

Now, let’s ignore the useless pirate episode and move straight on to…

3. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate

Ah, The Doctor’s Wife, written by Neil Gaiman and one of the best episodes of the series – in which The Doctor refers to his old girl as “you sexy thing”. Aww.

4. I Think I’m A Clone Now – Weird Al

Doctor Who explores the themes of morality and humanity of cloning in the two parter “The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People”, with a horrific cliffhanger that leads to…

5. Find My Baby – Moby

…”A Good Man Goes To War” in which Amy’s baby is kidnapped and The Doctor promises to find her over the summer holidays. Which he does. Sort of.

6. I Went Back In Time And Voted For Hitler – Anal C*nt

The second half of the series opened with LET’S KILL HITLER, the first of what writer Steven Moffat calls his “slutty titles”. You can expect lots of these in the next series, apparently.

7. When I’m 64 – The Beatles

Due to the unique way Spotify is funded, you’ll be hearing a cover of the original song. But after the last artist, I think it would be too offensive to subject you to actual Paul McCartney as well. In “The Girl Who Waited”, Amy is trapped for 40 years before Rory and The Doctor can rescue her. An episode that was emotional and romantic yet was also hard sci-fi.

8. My Father’s Profession – Boothby Graffoe

Again due to the unique way that Spotify is funded, the next song isn’t on the playlist. It’s important you play it though so I’ve inserted John Cage’s 4’33 of silence here instead. This gives you just enough time to hop over to YouTube and play Boothby Graffoe’s “My Father’s Profession” – which sums up “Night Terrors” pretty damn well.

9. My Wife Thinks You’re Dead – Junior Brown

Spoilers! The Doctor fakes his death and leaves Amy, Rory and the rest of universe thinking he died at Lake Silencio. What a git!

10. All Things To All Men – The Cinematic Orchestra and Roots Manuva

And we’ll roll the end credits with this, simply for the lyric “I’ll take you to my TARDIS. Who’s the hardest”.

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