JOY by @KristalSmile

JOY means very different things to different people so when I was asked to create a playlist on the subject I spent some time thinking about what JOY means to me.

JOY for me falls into these categories:

1. Love – because it really is something if you give it away

2. Friendship – because I have been blessed with some amazing friends and we have had a right laugh to some of these tunes

3. Dancing it out – just dance for no good reason at all “Rip it up to shreds and let it go!”

4. Simplicity – stopping to smell the roses once in a while does us all good! “Happiness was just outside my window”

5. Good memories – cherish the memory of those who have brought JOY into your life and to the lives of others. The last track on the playlist is “Half the World Away” a special song for so many reasons dedicated to a friend who brought so much JOY in the world but was sadly lost 2 years ago in April – gone but never forgotten. Tom’s version can be found here

Hope you all enjoy –  and remember the JOY in your own life.


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  1. The xx – Crystalised
  2. Sanders Bohlke – Til My Days Are Through
  3. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
  4. The Fray – Happiness
  5. Elliott Smith – Say Yes
  6. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
  7. Kula Shaker – Hush
  8. Pendulum – Watercolour
  9. Garbage – When I Grow Up
  10. TV Themes – Half The World Away

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