Easter by @Wandapops

These days, Easter is shaping up as a better holiday than Christmas for me. Two four day weeks at work and a four day weekend sandwiched in the middle just feels RIGHT. There’s no gift stress or obligations to see anyone but your favourite drinking buddies. The sun comes out! (OK just a bit). Every breath I take has a bunny shaped chocolate chaser, and this overdose of sugar has me bouncing off the walls in glee.

So here’s a little Easter treat I cooked up this morning to celebrate the first bank holiday weekend of the year. Enjoy! *bunny hops*


  1. Easter Island – The Specials featuring Rico
  2. I Am The Resurrection – The Stone Roses
  3. Back To Life – Soul II Soul
  4. G.O.O.D Friday – Kanye West
  5. New Life – Depeche Mode
  6. Bank Holiday – Blur
  7. Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It)  – The Lovely Eggs
  8. Chocolate Girl – Deacon Blue
  9. Chocolate Jesus – Tom Waits
  10. Every Day Is Like Sunday – Morrissey

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