Songs to make me SMILE by @TessaSmith

Wow, it’s hard to pick only 10 songs, isn’t it?!  Arrgh! I’m not sure if I’ve made the right choices, but these songs are ones that are guaranteed to make me smile and dance around the room, no matter what.

I’ve tried to pick a variety of tunes, as – even though I’m a Jazz Vocalist – I like lots of different stuff.  Cheesy, Jazzy, Clever, Soulful, Silly..  If it makes my face hurt from smiling, it’s a winner.

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1.   9 to 5 – Dolly Parton.  When I was stressing about University things, my friend Polly made me a CD with many versions of the jazz tunes I was trying to get my head round.  She hid this in the middle of it. Win.

2.  I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free – Nina Simone.  I finish almost every gig with this song now, because I LOVE it.   Its great to Lindy to, but my favourite bit is when the horns play at the end.  (I’m such a geek)

3.  You Got The Love – The Source/Candi Staton.  I defy anyone to not smile at this.  Reminds me of summers lazing in the park, and Sex and the City!

4.  How Sweet it Is to be Loved By You – James Taylor.  This live version never fails to get me in a better mood.  🙂

5.  Free Falling – John Mayer.  I could have chosen any number of John Mayer tunes, but I love the harmonies in this.  Chilled, but beautiful.

6. When I See An Elephant Fly – Dumbo OST.  DISNEY – ’nuff said.

7. Still Crazy After All These Years – Paul Simon.  This takes me right back to Ghent Train Station in Belgium, July 2008.  Got to love that Sax Solo!

8. Golden – Jill Scott.  What a musician!  And what a great song!  Wanted to use a live version to demonstrate just how incredible she is. There’s a weird couple of minutes of talking at the end though.. Apologies..  :s

9. Tight – Kurt Elling.  Elling has to be my favouritest vocalist ever.  He’s awesome.  So many songs to choose from, but this one is definitely up there as a joyful favourite.  Jazzzz

10. Anywhere I Lay My Head – Tom Waits.  A strange choice perhaps, but this reminds me of someone very special, and never fails to give me goosebumps.

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