miniCiné by @Miniminicine

Hello! For those who don’t know us, miniCiné is a community cinema and film society. We currently hold a monthly screening of independent shorts and features at The Palace Picturehouse in Armley Mills Industrial Museum and this year we’re branching out and programming screenings across Leeds and Bradford.

Naturally we’ve compiled a playlist of music from films. No brainer. But rather than picking 10 pop songs from soundtracks we thought it would make a nice change to select our favourite pieces from various film scores.

It’s been said before that a film’s score is a film’s soul and we feel the following tracks, chosen by our team of Mike, Jamie and Woody, prove just that.


YouTube playlist and also on Spotify (Tracks 3-10 only)


1. RKO Pictures Ident

2. Prologue/Babushka – Paul Cantelon – From Everything Is Illuminated, written and directed by Liev Schreiber
Mike: A complete accident that I stumbled across this soundtrack in Bradford Central Library about a year after having seen the film. This piece captures the eerie sense of self discovery running throughout the film. You can almost envision Elijah Wood’s character puzzling over the unravelling mystery in front of him.

3. Song For Jesse – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – From The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, written and directed by Andrew Dominik
Woody: There have been a slew, a slew I tells ya, of bands and artists that have turned their hand to composing for film in recent years. Some of been alright and some have been great. The team of Cave and Ellis have produced some of the best film scores of the last decade with …Jesse James… being the highlight.

4. Rooftops – Basement Jaxx – From Attack The Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish
Mike: It isn’t frequent enough that you get a bit of techno/dubstep on an original film score (although it’s rightfully becoming more prevalent). Chuck in some distinctive John Carpenter noises and you have a proper inner-city 21st Century alien mashup.

5. Also Sprach Zarathustra – Richard Strauss  – From 2001: A Space Odyssey, written by Arthur C. Clarke and directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Jamie: Stanley Kubrik’s iconic 2001 A Space Odyssey(1968) unforgettably used Richard Strauss’ – Also Sprach Zarathustra to such dramatic effect the piece has now become almost synonymous with Space – just try and watch any space documentaries without hearing it!

6. The Lonely Shepherd – Gheorge Zamfir – From Kill Bill Vol.1, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.
Mike: Because it makes me want to wander the high plains of some sparse land, donning a headband, ready to fight and find myself and all that. (a sort of martial arts head band. Not like the one my wife wears some times).

7. Road To Chicago – Thomas Newman – From Road To Perdition, written by David Self and directed by Sam Mendes.
Woody: Thomas Newman has to be my favourite composer, I love how everything he does sounds both grand yet intimate. This may be my favourite piece of any film score. The way it balances Michael Jr’s awe of seeing in Chicago, ‘the big city’, for the first time and the sense of loss and nagging sorrow of previous events never fails to hit the sweet spot.

8. Wild Signals – John Williams – From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, written and directed by Steven Spielberg.
Jamie: The alien’s communication in Close Encounters is a beautiful interpretation of the much explored first contact theme.

9. of The Mind – Abel Korzeniowski – From A Single Man, written and directed by Tom Ford.
Jamie: Originally composed by Abel Korzeniowski this stunning piece from A Single Man perfectly encapsulates the subtle drama and emotional distress of bereaving protagonist, George.

10. Main Title – Elmer Bernstein – From The Great Escape, written by James Clavell and W.R. Burnett and directed by John Sturges.
Woody: Iconic and never fails to pluck up one’s spirit. No longer just a soundtrack but an anthem for optimism and determination. Just fucking brilliant!

Follow @miniminicine like their facebook page  and visit the website where you can buy tickets to this week’s Mini-Bloodbath screenings (4th April) and Cine-Polskie event (7th April).


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