Knowing where it all Leeds to… by @richardhiggins2

For a Leeds orientated playlist I tried to avoid the obvious ‘ten best tracks by a Leeds band route’ although some Leeds acts do appear, as well…. they did sing about Leeds. But no Cud/Utah Saints/Sisters of Mercy/Soft Cell/Corinne Bailey Rae etc,etc, unless unavoidable (hello Kaisers, Age of Chance etc).

Some of the selections are a bit obtuse and  tenuous  at best….The Stranglers never wrote Duchess about the venue (it wasn’t going back in 79) and I doubt Frank Black ever ventured to The Well (if he did, he could figurehead a campaign to save it), but still…thinking outside the rectangle and all. Any song that could have a possible Leeds reference really ‘Unity’ (as in day) by James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa ended up on the subs bench.

Such a pity there’s no video for the Rhythm Sisters, it’s a cracking song!  Re old Leeds venues…I could have included ‘Breakfast at TIFFANYS” by Deep Blue Something or ‘RIO(s)’ by Michael Nesmith……

YouTube playlist (apart from tracks 6 and 10 – available in separate links)


1) Pixies -Down to The Well

Frank Black’s homage to the recently closed & reopening Leeds venue (I made that up) But er, relevant?

 2) The Smiths- Panic

”The Leeds side street that you slip down”

3) The Stranglers-Duchess

As in #1.  The Stranglers tribute to a legendary defunct venue now alas Hugo bloody Boss. Again, I’ve made this up but they were playing in Leeds on Thursday 1st March..

4) Parachute Men- Leeds Station

Everything I’ve listed so far has been tenuous at best. This isn’t. As Leeds-centric as it gets. Great song and Fiona now sings in the excellent Nights on Mars

5) Kaiser Chiefs -I Predict A Riot

I really wanted to avoid this, too obvious but the Leodenians snuck in…

6) Rhythm Sisters- Lazy Leeds Sunday Afternoon

Sadly no video for this.They were NME flavour of the month back in the day. From the fantastically titled lp ‘Road to Roundhay Pier’ One of the best songs on this list. Listen here

 7) Pink Peg Slax -Eat More Meat

Leeds premier rockabilly combo, much loved by John Peel. They had an ep titled ‘The Sound of Meanwood Valley’- nuff said.

8) David Broad- St James Infirmary

Countless versions of this but at least this is by the supremely talented local legend David Broad. Sir Jimmy (RIP) would approve.

9) Jake Thackray- Kirkstall Road Girl

Obscurity from the late Leeds singer/songwriter

10) Age of Chance – This is Crush Collision

For the refrain ”Leeds…New York…Berlin…Detroit” Listen here


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