Leeds puns by @Alasasdair

Some of these puns are borderline genius. Some are fun to sing instead of the actual words. Some are tenuous at best. Some just don’t work. Some work and are rubbish anyway. I’ll let you decide which songs fit into each category and come up with more Leeds song puns.

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1. aLOINERgain Or – Love (Alone Again Or)

2. Should I Cryer – Jackie DeShannon (Should I Cry)

3. Crossgates Traffic – Jimi Hendrix (Crosstown Traffic)

4. Oliver’s Armley – Elvis Costello (Oliver’s Army)

5. Rock A-Roundhay Clock – Bill Haley & The Comets (Rock Around The Clock)

6. Pro Rege et Lege-ndary Hearts – Lou Reed (Legendary Hearts)

7. Paxman – The Beatles/One of the Beatles tribute bands on Spotify (Taxman)

8. Aire – Talking Heads (Air)

9. Leeds 1919 – John Cale (Paris 1919)

10. Stay Golden Acre – Au Revoir Simone (Stay Golden)

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