Comedy by @LeedsComedyFest

For our playlist we have decided to select songs on a theme that we know a lot about: comedy! That is because we are the individuals behind Laughter Lines | Leeds Comedy Festival, Leeds’ only multi-day comedy event (taking place from 28th April – 4th May). We are dedicated to celebrating fantastic new comedy in the North’s best city and are delighted to share this playlist with you, as it is another fun way of doing just that!

We don’t need to tell you what an important time this is for Leeds’ culture. During this current period of austerity it is our festivals, artists, promoters, venues and publications that are going to feel the pinch, so it is precisely things like Leeds Playlist that encourages a Leeds community that shares and participates. We hope our festival will do the same.

We have decided to show off some musical comedy we really like alongside songs that are loosely linked to comedy and laughter. We hope you enjoy it! @LeedsComedyFest

YouTube playlist


1. The Divine Comedy – Songs of Love

2. School of Rock – Teacher’s Pet

3. Flight of the Conchords – Inner City Pressure

4. Jay Foreman – Stealing Food

5. Big George – Handbags and Gladrags

6. The Bee Gees – I Started A Joke

7. Stewart Lee – Galway Girl

8. Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly

9. Frisky & Mannish – Kate Bash

10. David Brent (ft. Noel Gallagher) – Freelove Freeway

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