Streets of Leeds by @ligurmatic

Nothing personal or reflective in my Leeds Playlist, but those who know me will recognise a love of wordplay.

1 & 2 Parklife + A Place Called Home = Park Place

Park Place is a nicer option than walking down Wellington Street. Fact. Unfortunately, it does have the job centre which may have less than joyful memories for some. Parklife is something of an obvious pick that you’ve heard countless times before but I still enjoy its cheeky charm and it’s followed by one of  PJ Harvey’s more accessible songs. I guess this is the “Britpop” street.

3 & 4 The Jeep Song + Pink Light = The Light

Picking The Light was a cheap shot, because it allowed me to pick from over a thousand songs in my iTunes library that contained the word the. So I picked Dresden Dolls because I didn’t manage to fit Amanda Palmer’s solo release Leeds United. Next up is the criminally* unknown Laura Veirs. She’s fab. Oh, something about The Light. Erm, cinema and a Greggs on two of the four external sides. * It’s not actually a crime to be unknown. To my knowledge, Ms Veirs has not committed any crimes.

5 & 6 West End Girls + Cemetery Gates = Westgate

I once spent two really dull weeks on jury duty in the courts at Westgate. That’s about as personal as it gets. I spend a lot of the time playing Super Monkey Ball on the Gameboy Advance. A bit of an 80s theme for this combo.

7 & 8 Battle Flag (Featuring Pigeonhed) + Rowla = Headrow

Dancing on the Headrow, the centre (get it?) of that kind of thing. From Primark to the library, strut your stuff.

9 & 10 Doctor Worm + Down in the Street Below = Dock Street

I wasn’t aware of Dock Street until this year, but thanks to the many funky events Dock Street Market kindly host, I appear to turning into a semi-regular visitor. The tour ends on a bit of a less serious note, which seems appropriate.

Listen on Spotify or as a YouTube playlist (Youtube has Bjork, The Modern Things rather than The Jeep song as I couldn’t find a decent version of the latter.)


  1. Parklife, Blur
  2. A Place Called Home, PJ Harvey
  3. The Jeep Song, Dresden Dolls
  4. Pink Light, Laura Veirs
  5. West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys
  6. Cemetery Gates, The Smiths
  7. Battle Flag (Featuring Pigeonhed), Lo Fidelity Allstars
  8. Rowla, Underworld
  9. Doctor Worm, They Might Be Giants
  10. Down in the Street Below + Divine Comedy

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