Cats by @davaikoshka

Hi my name is @davaikoshka and I am a mad cat lady (It’s ok though as I have a fiance so it’s acceptable).

I love cats. Even my twitter name is Russian for “go cat!!”  (davai is hard to translate but picture cheering someone on, and that’s kind of it) I am currently wearing a dress with cats on it. I have a bag with cats on it. I am knitting a cat. I have a cat. My house is a free for all for all the neighbourhood cats. I am quite often late for work as I have to stop and say hi to all the neighbourhood cats. Who all have names. Which may be made up. And personalities…and life stories….also all made up. Stop me in the street and ask me for tales about the cats of LS8; one day I might write a book.

Anyway this playlist starts off with songs about how great it is to be a cat…and songs which make you want to dance with joy whenever you think of cats. It gets a bit more melancholy in the middle with slower, more reflective odes to the world’s greatest animal. It hits an all time low with Johnny Cash’s “Delia’s gone.” You may be confused at this until I tell you that my little cat is called Delia. I have been known to sob to it…usually after a couple of bottles of wine.

(I did try to pick songs by artists I like…this wasnt just a typecatintoyoutube kind of job!)

The final song was written for me I think. And for all crazy cat ladies in the world. There are a lot of us. Be proud. Davai koshki!

YouTube playlist


1. The Aristocats- Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
2. Tom Jones- What’s New Pussycat
3. The Cure- The Lovecats
4. Elton John- Honky Cat
5. Stray Cats- Stray Cat Strut
6. The Rolling Stones- Stray Cat Blues
7. Cat Stevens- Wild World
8. Petula Clark- Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky)
9. Johnny Cash- Delia’s Gone
10. Songify This!- Can’t Hug Every Cat (a song about loving cats)

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One thought on “Cats by @davaikoshka

  1. I cannot love you any more than I currently do! I want to bring Lottie and Lola to meet Delia! They could be friends and bitch about how pretty Fudge is and pretend they don’t want to be her (when of course they do, she’s beautiful!)


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